Located just 28km north of Mudgee in the Cudgegong Valley, Gulgong enjoys a true Australian rural lifestyle. It is an easy drive from Sydney, Central Coast and the Hunter Valley.

In 1870 Tom Saunders discovered gold at Red Hill, now a feature in the centre of town. He was tending his flock after heavy rain & noticed some flecks of gold on the ground. A tent settlement had grown within months, becoming one of the countries biggest gold towns with a population over 20,000. Ten years later the gold started to run out & the town population subsided. A close knit community remained however, who were proud of their heritage & history, and this remains strong today.

Today there is more than 1,300 buildings and sites scattered throughout the town classified by the National Trust as a constant and character forming a reminder of the past.

Our town is connected to one of Australia’s renowned poets, Henry Lawson who spent his youth here. Gulgong is mentioned in many of his works & we celebrate his life every year at the June long weekend with the Henry Lawson Heritage Festival. A spectacle like no other with a parade in particular that would rival many! On the first $10.00 note Gulgong buildings were featured along with Lawson.

Gulgong while embracing its past is also embracing the future. Our town plays an integeral role in the Tourism and Mining industries while also supporting a variety of traditional farming and vineyard activites throughout the region.

Our Cudgegong Valley is very competitive with the likes of the Hunter Valley Region and is being discovered by more people as they venture to our area.

Come and visit for yourself, we will share our secrets … Wine, Gold and all!